A Dying Faith

Our history

A Dying Faith‘s origins began when drummer Scott Letz and guitarist Phillip Morris met during their freshman year of high school, around 1997 in Crowley, Texas. The band was just the two friends with other musicians coming and going until Phillip’s long time friend Chad Wilbourn moved back to town to take over vocals and rhythm guitars. The three friends began writing under the name Guardian and eventually found bass player George Guajardo. They made plans to enter the studio to record their first ep “Edge of Darkness” but before recording started George was replaced by James Harris. James, a guitarist as well who had never played bass, was asked to learn and write parts with only a week before recording would start. But, he was up for the challenge and the ep was released to a welcoming DFW audience. After their first live show the band was forced to change its name due to Guardian being trademarked. The name Legion was adopted and the band pressed forward releasing another ep and performing relentlessly. In the early part of 2004 Scott enlisted in the army and legion was left without a drummer. A chance encounter led Chad to meet Steve Summers who would join Legion on drums. Before the first show with the new lineup the foursome decided that the direction of the music they were creating didn’t fit with the name Legion and decided to change the name. Over much alcohol, at a local bar, the group decided on the name  A Dying Faith. The metal scene in DFW had not been exposed to this brand of metal and a loyal base was fast growing. ADF released its self titled album and continued to tour. Ramsey Perez was added to take over rhythym guitars but tumultuous times followed and eventually Phillip and James left the band. ADF attempted to continue but the momentum quickly faded. And so A Dying Faith was done in 2006. Until now. Phillip, James and Chad have repaired relationships and even reunited to play a benefit show in 2017. The trio has begun collaborating on new material and plan to release new music in 2018. A Dying Faith has returned.


A Dying Faith- Bitchmeat

A Dying Faith- A Silent Ending

A Dying Faith- Heaven Beneath Me

Live Tomfoolery

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